Yoichi Okubo – Book

As a designer at Mitchell Digital, I worked with Yoichi to design his book which was also printed and perfect bound in-house at Mitchell Press.

Author Yoichi Okubo’s book “Hidden Shangri-La, The Philosophy of 13 Bookshops in Vancouver” combines interview articles in Japanese and English about thirteen independent bookstores in Vancouver.

The design needed to include typography that was cohesive in aesthetic and readable in both Japanese and English. I worked with Yoichi to ensure we selected typefaces that met those requirements.

The colourful design is enticing and playful. Yoichi’s images were used throughout with colourful type and overlays. The colours help identify chapters and quotes and assist in organizing the reading experience.

The book cover utilizes the same colour palette on smooth rolling lines representing the mountains and ocean of Vancouver and surrounding area.

More about this project:

Check out Yoichi’s experience in this link: https://note.com/ocean01/n/nda6161978aa8

Yoichi Okubo
Instagram: @ocean016453
Email: ocean016453@gmail.com

Mitchell Press: https://mitchellpress.com/yoichi-okubo/