Hawksworth Communications

Below you will find work completed for Hawksworth Communications

Hawksworth Group Slide Deck Presentation Sample

Here is a sample of a marketing presentation created for Hawksworth Communications. The overall appearance aligns with the Hawksworth Group’s brand style. These are select slides with placeholder copy.

Hawksworth & Nightingale Georgia Straight Ad

This print newspaper ad was created to promote both Nightingale and Hawksworth Restaurant in the March 2019 Issue of Georgia Straight. The ad aims to highlight the categories each restaurant won in the Golden Plate Awards. As a long narrow advertisement, I was able to break the ad into two, allowing each to recollect their own dining atmospheres through the imagery, but also remain connected through the design style.

Hawksworth Group Digital Brochure

This brochure was created to distribute to clients that require a brief overview of  Hawksworth Group. The design captures the identity of the brand; clean, modern, and luxurious. 

Best of Vancouver: Hawksworth Restaurant Winner

Congratulations to Hawksworth Restaurant, winner of Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2018. These ads run in the Georgia Straight website ( digits banners, pop-ups and ads) and in print format in the Georgia Straight Magazine. 

Print Ad
Digital Ad
Web Banner
Web Banner
Web Banner

Turkey Time! Hawksworth Catering

Promotion for Turkey Dinner To-Go. Image found in The Vancouver Archives. 

 Nightingale Captive Screens

This Ad series was created for Nightingale and were to appear in the Captive Screens in an elevators. Ad series runs from November 2018, December 2018, and January 2019.