BLT Construction

Below you will find collateral created for BLT Construction which operates out of Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON. BLT Construction company offers a variety of commercial and residential construction services. The brand is high-end, luxury and focused on customer experience.

BLT Construction Booklet Brochure

This square booklet brochure, designed for BLT Construction, is to provide customers with an overview of the services offered – focusing on Vancouver clientele- and highlight the dynamic and high-end projects previously completed.

The brochure’s design reflects BLT Constructions branding and architecture which is MODERN and LUXURIOUS. Line-work throughout the booklet emulates the architecture and design within the imagery.

Vancouver to Toronto

BLT Construction Tote Bag

Tote Bag design options for BLT Construction.
Imagery from BLT Construction’s completed projects and architectural drawings.